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Hi!! I'm an italian artist who likes having fun,drawing, eat and sleep xD ahaha I'm also an hip-hop dancer :)
my DA page >> http://chwee.deviantart.com/
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volleyball break
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sugawara sketch :3 cutieee <3
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Dramatical Kamigami Part V!Aoba as BalderHe has a natural charm which attracts people to him, and is generally a nice person, if a bit naive. He has a yandare streak (Sly Blue), and when he loses control in god form, he tends to destroy things indiscriminately, yet has no memory of these events once he snaps back to reality. He also however, functions as Yui in the story as the uniting force who brings the other gods together, and eventually becomes the object of their affections.These are edits from scans of the Kamigami no Asobi Art book.Koujaku | Mink | Clear | Noiz
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